11 Feb 18: Replaced the Los Angeles, CA beer scans with hi res. Added EKU and LKU dates for each denom. Can you beat any of them? Let me know!

21 Jan 18: Loaded 11 previously unlisted Scranton, PA deed stamps! Two series - the second series has scrolls in the bottom corners.

20 Nov 17: Loaded 6 new scans for the U cities. Loaded 4 new scans for the V cities. Loaded 11 new scans for the W cities. Loaded 1 new scan for the Y city. Several updates for the Counties as well; also fixed several county link issues. For the most part, Alabama is now up and running. I have several scans to redo, and I will no doubt find the odd stamp I missed, but AL should be as good as I can make it for now.

19 Nov 17: Loaded 26 new scans for the remaining S cities. Loaded 34 new scans for the T cities. These include new updates to previously unlisted issues.

18 Nov 17: Thanks to Chuck Soter who sent scans of several AL city issues from Dothan, Elba, Garden City, Hamilton, and Trinity! Total of 14 new scans uploaded today, to include Samson, AL.

17 Nov 17: Fixed some dead links and some file name issues behind the curtains. Been bugging me for a while and they are finally fixed. Loaded 11 new scans for the remaining P cities. Loaded 33 new scans for the R cities.

13 Nov 17: Started updating the Alabama pages. Loaded 24 new scans for the N and O cities. This includes new beer listings as well as missing scans from previously listed issues. Starting the P cities now. Loaded 26 new scans for the P cities up to "Phenix City". Lots of new beer listings!

12 Nov 17: Thanks to Chuck Soter for two scans of AL cig stamps, 1 each from (City of) Livingston and Moulton. Uploaded two MN county Pheasant hunting stamps, one each for Grant and Otter Tail counties. Apologies to who ever sent them to me many years ago - I just found the files lurking in a folder.

19 Mar 17: Thanks to Mack Matesen for three scans of Bellingham Conditional Sales stamps. Washington is pretty much complete with two exceptions!

13 Jan 17: Thanks to Steve Schaap for scans of an unlisted New Orleans 1 pint wine stamp (with black denom) that was missing from my rewrite; now W31. Steve also sent a scan of a mint 4/5 quart L27 to replace the earlier scan of a used stamp. Thanks as well to Dick Keiser for supplying high res scans of W6 and W9. This is the first time I have ever seen a copy of W9 outside Hubbard's catalog!

8 Jan 17: Thanks to Eric Jackson for a scan of the Cheyenne, WY 2 cent cig tax. Listed by Hubbard, this is the first copy I have ever seen. It is included in one of Eric's lots for his 10 Jan auction. Thanks, Eric!

2 Jan 17: MASSIVE redo of the New Orleans catalog, to include a new ID guide. Vast majority of the old scans have been replaced with HiRes scans, most stamps are now shown, and it has been reorganized to add a "new" series that was hiding in plain sight. I am working on it right now so it may be up and down as I push updates.

1 Jan 17: Happy New Years! Major update to the New Orleans catalog in progress.

31 Dec 16: Haven't uploaded files in so long I forgot how! Just updated a new 75 cent Wheeling, WV wine (?) stamp. Previously known in red - this copy is orange. I will try not to wait a few years before I update anything else... AL received updates for new scans and listings for Arab, Chatom, Clanton, Haleyville, Hamilton (Town), Northgate and Mobile County. MO also had several updates to include new listings and scans of previously listed stamps that now have scans.

01 Jan 15: Over the past few weeks I have made small updates, including adding both better and previously missing scans from GA and AL. Added two previously unlisted PA deeds - Annville-Creola School District $10 and $50 stamps.

14 Dec 14: Working on an update to GA. While consolidating boxes of material, I discovered I had some material that was not in my "collection". Trying to get that fixed now and have discovered items not in the catalog. Check out the new scan of the large Fort Valley, GA beer stamp (5" x 2 1/2"!). I have also updated various stamps in CA, IL, MD, PA.

11 Nov 14: Many Thanks to John Funkhouser who emailed me numerous images of stamps for the catalog. The first ones up are very nice Wheeling, WV stamps. These may be wine stamps. Hubbard's catalog lists Wheeling as have wine stamps, but with no descriptions. The stamps themselves offer no clue as to what they are actually for. I will be loading additional scans for PA, MO, and IL.

8 Oct 2014: Thanks to Steve Schaap and John Bowman for sending me scans of MO locals, prompting me to start updating MO. Many of the county stamps have better scans and several stamps I actually had were missing their scans - not sure why (fxed).

27 Sep 14: Thanks to Steve Schaap for several scans of Harrisburg and Swatara PA deed stamps. He sent other scans I will be updating soon! (CA, MD, MO).

20 Sep 14: All the PA deeds I have are now loaded. Please look to see if you have items not shown or missing from the catalog.

14 Sep 14: Thanks to Dave Wrisley for a scan of the $1 Daytona Beach Punchboard stamp. It was previously listed, but details were unknown. Scanned 65 additional plain text PA deed stamps. Working on getting them added to the catalog.

7 Sep 14: Finished the normal PA deeds!! Now working on the coupons, hand stamps, and plain text stamps (mostly from Somerset County). Philadelphia will come later down the road as well.

6 Sep 14: Added two new previously unlisted PA entities to the deed listings: "Butler Area School District" and "Connoquenessing Township". The quality of the scans is terrible - anyone have copies of these they can scan and send me? "Q - S" PA deeds finished. Moving to "T - Z".

31 Aug 14: "N - P" PA deeds finished. Moving to "Q - S". Thanks to Dave Wrisley for a scan of a great Fort Lauderdale, FL 50 cent punch board stamp!

30 Aug 14: "H - M" PA deeds finished. Moving to "N - P". Philadelphia will be the last PA section worked on as it has to be completely redone.

23 Aug 14: Again, thank you very much to Aldrich Auctions for sending me additional scans. I have added scans of the almost all of the last Philadelphia deed series now in to the catalog. Aldrich sent me scans of entire specimen sheets of the 50 cent, $1, $5, $10, $50, $100, and $500. Outstanding! Finished updating the PA "C - G" deeds. Moving on to the "H - M" deeds.

19 Aug 14: Added scans of Philadelphia D11; the very rare $50 stamp in both perf 12 (low res) and perf 14 (high res) varieties. This may be the first scan of this stamp on the internet! Perf 14 is confirmed - the perf 12 example is not and should not exist according to historical paperwork. More to come on the perf 12 "example".. Lastly, check out the punched specimen pane of five stamps of the last $1,000 Philadelphia deed. My thanks to Aldrich Auctions for sending me this scan. You can see this in their Sale #81 scheduled for 9 - 10 Sept. Take a look - they have some very nice revenues listed!

17 Aug 14: Finished most of the updates for the OR page. Thanks to Mack Matesen for several scans of specialist material (imperfs, etc). Not happy with the Multnomah listings - will completely redo the catalog for these. Started working on the PA "C - G" deeds. Completed scanning and uploading "D" and "E". Will work "F" next.

2 Aug 14: Finished updating the PA deeds A - B. Working on updates, corrections and improved scans for the OR page. Many thanks to Mack Matesen who provided not only scans but clarifications and updates for the catalog itself.

26 Jul 14 Been updating PA deed stamps for "B" towns over the past week. Many new scans!

12 Jul 14 Add new Montana Punchboard stamps. Many thanks to Mack Matesen for these scans. Mack also sent many scans for other cities that will be updated in the coming weeks (AZ, ID, WA, etc!). Updated PA deed stamps for "A" towns. Working on "B".

11 Jul 14 Added two Lee County, AL beer stamps. Discovered there are actually two series. One has an almost diagonal hashed frame line, and the other has a plain straight line frame line. The serial number panel is also different. Need to go back and look to see if my "dupes" are actually the diffferent series.

8 Jul 14 Well - it has been a while! The website is back on line after a few years... It will take me a while to work on updates - patience please!

9 May 08 Chuck Soter sent me a scan of a previously unknown Milledgeville, GA 5 cent beer. Thanks Chuck!

8 May 08 Big GA update! Alma, Athens, Bainbridge, Hahira, Louisville, Marietta, Moultrie, Pearson, Thomaston, Valdosta, Washington, Waycross, Whigham, and Winder all gained new items. Most are new to the catalog, and a few were listed but no scans were known.

16 Mar 08 Added 20 new GA scans - several are new listings as well! Many are lots that came out of the blue on eBay. Pays to keep an eye out - 60 years later we are finding first seen items on eBay hidden in the NY stock transfers! I won't list them all out, but they are all from the A- L and County catalogs. Thanks again to Ed Kettenbrink who sent 4 scans of Key West and Pensacola large tobacco stamps. Florida is down to missing FOUR known items!!! Thanks also to Ken Pruess, who added a few CO items and pointed out a stamp included in the catalog that wasn't actually from CO! Thanks, Ken, for keeping me straight on this one!

1 Jan 08 Happy New Year! Many thanks to Ed Kettenbrink, who has submitted no less than 30 scans for the Baltimore city catalog!!! Check out the imperf (horiz) pair CR2!!! Thanks again, Ed, for really filling in lots of holes and adding many new previously unlisted items for the cat! Ed has also added 5 new NY items, to include some very rare poultry stamps! Ed has also added 15 new scans to the Baltimore and Carroll County MD listings, to include a great copy of Baltimore County T-7 used on a TF-912.

28 Dec: Working on the MD catalog. Several new Baltimore meter colors added. Fantastic scan of fifteen 1 cent stamps on piece. I have had this for quite a while - always thought it was in the catalog but just realized it wasn't - fixed! Deleted all Baltimore Cigar meter listings. Despite being in a previous published catalog, it is now believed these are actually the listed tobacco meters. No law existed to back up the meters, and no actual cigar meters have ever been seen. Added several scans to the Baltimore County catalog as well. Thanks to Ron Lesher for many of these scans!

27 Nov. Good Gravy - has it been that long? Several new GA updates - mostly previously unknown! A total of 12 stamps - 10 new and one scan upgrade. Dalton and Smyrna have new items, and the counties of Upson, Wayne, White, and Wilkins as well! I have some additional scans for Florida - hope to get them done tonight as well!

10 Aug: Yet another FL update! Added a scan of the Key West 50 cent tobacco - many thanks to Dave Wrisley for this scan. Dave is working on a new Florida specialized catalog. Please contact him if you have scnas or info for him. You can contact me at my email and I will assist you in contacting him.. Florida is only missing scans of 8 known stamps! Please help finish this catalog!

8 Aug: More FL updates: Added new St Petersburg 2 cent cig meter. Added scan of Pensacola 10 cent tobacco (large). Added a new version of the Marianna 1 1/2 cent cig - this one with a diagonal slash in the "1/2" - all other known issues have a horizontal slash. Added previously unknown Gainesville 2 cent cig meter. Loaded a better scan of the Norfolk, VA 20 cig meter. Added new 35 cent Lynchburg, VA cig stamp.

7 Aug: Working on the FL update: Added new Apalachicola city/state cig meter. Uploaded better scans of Miami city/state cig meter and St Petersburg 50 cent tobacco. Added four fantastic punchboard stamps - one from Orlando (previously unknown!) and three from Panama City!

6 Aug: Added 4 previously unknown GA stamps. Added a perf version of the 48 cent Hogansville (thick "C") beer stamp. Added a $2.25 Macon beer. Added 8 and 15 cent Savannah liquor stamps. Added Cook County, IL 20 cig taxpaid fusion. Added Lynchburg, VA cig meter. Replaced 8 CO stamps with better scans. Added 4 new CO meters from Aurora, Denver, Englewood, and Montrose. CHECK OUT SALEM, OR!!! Updated the 55 cent to a scan of a better copy, and added the 30 cent and $1 issue - both were previously unknown!

9 Jul: Added several more GA beer stamps. Floyd County gained 3 new color combinations for the 50 cent beer. Clarke County gained a scan of a 1/2 bbl beer stamp. Johnson County has a new 5 cent Beer & Wine stamp. Added a scan of the Smyrna 72 cent beer with bold type. Added a new version of the Dalton $1.44 beer stamp, and Winder has a new 60 cent beer stamp.

11 Jun: Added an ID guide for the Warner Robins, GA $4.50 beers to show the difference in the "$" signs. Only two known Warner Robins beers left without scans!

8 Jun: Found an imperf 12 cent (MNH) Macon, GA beer, adding a second denom to the imperf series.

4 Jun 07: I have updated some pages since Feb, but obviously forgot to document what they were - sorry! Macon, GA beers were just completely redone, with newly listed items and scans of items listed but not pictured added. Do you have a copy of the 25 cent beer? I think it was a typo in Hubbard's catalog since there are no other 25 cent beers, and the 24 cent has the 13mm numbers. Take a look at your collections! Warner Robbins, GA beers have also been completely redone, correcting some problems with grouping of stamps as they were on the website previously. There are new denominations, overprints, and lots of scans of previously listed, but not pictured stamps!

17 Feb 07: I am back from Iraq, again! No new pictures to add today, but I have updated the DNS info for the website. It was down for a bit while I was deployed, but it should be working again. I have fixed several format problems, particularly with the page showing all of the states. How South Carolina decided to clone itself and show up outside the table is beyond me, but it took a while for me to figure it out. I don't speak "html", and so have to reverse engineer the code to figure things out. In the end I found an extra line of code and deleted it, fixing the problem. There were several other small things fixed as well - mostly transparent to you as the user. I have also added a "favicon", and if you have or add the index page to your favorites, you should have an icon showing a $1 Toppenish beer stamp as the symbol for this site. Let me know if you can't see it properly. I do have some stamps to update, just have one more problem with the DNS info to work out and I hope to update several items.

31 Jul: I am preparing to deploy back to Iraq again, and it will be a while until I can update the website again!

20 Jul: Again - thanks to Jeff Fu, who contributed a whopping 65 scans for the VA catalog. Check it out - it is a major update to this catalog!!!!

16 Jul: Many thanks to Jeff Fu, also known as DeadGnat on eBay, who sent me 45 new scans for the Missouri catalog! This is a major update and includes a few scan upgrades, a few previously unlisted items, and mostly scans for items listed, but not pictured. Again, thanks Jeff for taking the time to send these to me!!!!

24 Jun: 40ish new scans for GA cities. Thanks once again to Ken Pruess for this major update to the catalog - over 50 total new scans!

22 Jun: GA Counties have been updated; 12 new scans/listings!

21 Jun: MANY, many thanks to Ken Pruess, who sent me around 50(!) scans of various GA stamps. Some were listed, some weren't, and at least one is a much better scan than the one that was in the catalog. Ken - I can't thank you enough! Needless to say, with this many updates, I can't list them here - check out the new catalogs! I have processed and renamed the scans, made the thumbnails, and will start updating the GA catalogs as I can squeeze in the time. I will try and update progress here.

11 Apr: Added Haines City FL cig fusion - new city!! Added four St Petersburg, FL tobaccos - completed scans of all known St. P's stamps. Added two Pocotello, ID punch board stamps. Added two Boise, ID punch board scans.

25 Mar: Added listsings and scans for 4 new Chicago, IL cig fusions. Replaced 5 CO scans (Grand Valley, Lakewood,Springfield, Sterling, and Yuma) with upgraded pictures.

23 Mar: Added scans of both Cortez and Grand Junction, CO cigarette meters. Added scan of Nashille, GA 10 cent liquor. Added listing and scan for Portsmouth, VA 20 cig taxpaid. Added listing and scan for 2 cent Carroll County, MD tobacco stamp.

14 Mar: Discovered a scan of a $3 Richland County, SC with perfs and imprint. This is a new series previously not listed in the new catalog. Please look to see what you have to help out - there are several denoms missing! Virginia City, VA adds a new cig tax fusion. Rainbow City, AL adds a 2 cent cig tax. Sheffield, AL 50 cent tobacco discovered on cream card. Pensacola, FL 5 cent tobacco specimen.

5 Mar: New State!!! South Carolina is the newest state to have a catalog! Richland County now has 9 stamps listed. I believe there may be four different series to these: one has the imprint, the second is roul 14 and has shiny gum, the third is roul 14 and has dull gum, and the fourth is hyphen hole 10 with unknown gum (mine is used). I don't know dates so, their order is simply for organization until more info is discovered. What do you have in your collection???? PLEASE HELP STRAIGHTEN THESE OUT! I am sure there are more denoms for each of these series - please take a look at your collection!

20 Feb: Added 7 Maryland Scans: Baltimore (city), Baltimore County, and Carroll County.

19 Feb: Added 8 Georgia Scans: Macon, Savannah, Tifton, Bulloch County, & Evans County.

16 Feb 06: Yes, I know - been a long time. I have moved yet again and now live in Albuquerque. Hopefully, this is my last move for quite a while, as I have no intention of moving any time soon! I have completed the known Miami Florida tobacco stamps, and the 20 cent was the last one I needed. I won this on eBay, and it is a great example! Additionally, I updated scans of 18 Alabama stamps!

11 Sep: Added 5 Florida scans to include, Key West, Miami, and St. Petersburg. Added scan of Idaho Springs, Colorado Cig tax. Added scan of Ramsey County, Minnesota Deed Tax. Added 4 Virginia scans to include Hampton, Newport News, and Portsmouth. Added 3 Missouri scans to include Kansas City and Richmond.

20 Aug: Added 2 new Florida scans: Key West 3 cent tobacco and the Marianna 1 1/2 cent shield design.

20 Jun: Just returned from Germany! Added 7 new Baltimore and Baltimore County cigar and tobacco stamps.

11 Jun: Yes, reverting to my old ways. In my defense, I have been to Rome, Israel, and Germany since the last update... FLORIDA has been given a complete overhaul. Most of the scans were redone at 300 dpi, some catalog errors were fixed, and there are some new items. Check out the Panama City 1 cent cigs! There are are now 3 known versions - I have added an ID guide. Let me know what you think! Hopefully, the FL local's catalog will be published in the next SRN. Let me know if you have anything I don't have listed!

29 Mar: I know - been a while! I have been selling off material on eBay and it has taken up too much of my time. Take a look at Georgia! I have added at least 26 items from Hubbard's personal collection - many possibly unique! Cobb County has to be completely redone due to the discovery there are at least 4 different signatures found on the stamps. In addition, 2 new dollar denominations have been found ($2 and $4) on very weird florescent paper. I tried my best, but the orange, red, and yellow refuse to be scanned correctly. They have turned out a sad pink color, but I promise they are bright in real life! Cobb, Gilmer, Rockford, Hall, Jones, and Stephans County have all received new listings and scans. I have discovered Smyrna also has at least 2 different signatures - more to follow here. I will update Smyrna when I get this straightened out.

9 Jan: Loaded 46 Alabama "M" and "N" cities and counties.

8 Jan: Loaded 28 Alabama "K" and "L" cities and counties.

5 Jan: Loaded 24 Alabama "J" cities and counties.

4 Jan: Loaded 3 Alabama "F" cities. Loaded 31 "H" cities.

3 Jan: Loaded 42 Alabama "G" cities.

2 Jan: Loaded 30 Alabama "F" cities and counties.

1 Jan 05 - Happy New Year!!! Hope this finds you and yours well, and sans headache! Plugged 7 more Alabama "A" - "D" city holes. Loaded 23 Alabama "D" cities and 1 county.

31 Dec: Loaded four Lincolnshire, IL Real estate stamps. NEW DISCOVERY! These were found on an eBay lot - previously unknown. Stay tuned - possibility many villiages around Chicago are using these stamps as of mid-1990s. Any help appreciated! When was the last time you saw a denomination of $100,000 on a state revenue???!!!

30 Dec: Loaded 24 Alabama scans. ("A" & "D" cities and counties).

29 Dec: Loaded 43 Alabama scans; "C" cities and counties.

26 Dec: Loaded 23 Alabama scans; filled some "A" and "B" holes.

25 Dec: Loaded 42 Alabama "B" cities scans.

24 Dec: Loaded 25 Alabama "A" cities scans. These are the start, as I have at least more 3 boxes of Alabama material to sort through. Hopefully, many of the holes will get filled from these other boxes!

23 Dec: Alabama is on the road to recovery! All of the Cities and Counties are back on line! PLEASE DO NOT SEND ALABAMA SCANS UNTIL I GET MY COLLECTION ON LINE!!! I have a goodly percentage of the AL issues in my collection. Please wait for me figure out what I have prior to deluging me with scans - thanks!!!!

22 Dec: Scanned 17 new pictures! VA starts out with three new scans. (Cleaning out the Word programming garbage reduced the file size from 300K+ to about 120K+!!). IL gains two new scans. GA rounds it out with 12!

21 Dec: I have moved to a new HTML editor program - much nicer and easier!!! Additionally, I have started redoing all the catalog pages. I originally made the pages in Word, and they are now about 3 times as large as they should be!!! The new program is going through and removing the unnecessary programing, resulting in much smaller file sizes. Montana was my first experiment. Upgraded the Butte $1.50 punchboard scan to color, and added a previously unknown 10 cent issue as well.

20 Dec: Fixed some problems with the Indiana catalog.

18 Dec: Upgrade the Chehalis, WA punchboard scans to color. Added the last Montana scan!!! MT is now complete as far as we know - all known items have scans. Please take a look and see if you can add to the catalog! Added a new UNKNOWN item - probably for a pump or scale. Looks old enough to predate all the others I have ever seen, and is dated 1935.

5 Dec: Added scans of 12 GA stamps. Three of them are new listings as well. Athens, Brunswick, Cairo, Canon, Chatsworth, & Savanna all gained new scans.

4 Dec: Added scans of three Bradenton and one Daytona Beach (Florida) punchboard stamps. Added scans of 9 Fairmont, WV punchboard meters.

3 Dec: Yes, I know, it has been a while. I deployed yet again, this time to Balad Air Base, Iraq. Army types call it LSA Anaconda. Anyhows, Oregon has gained four new scans, one of which is a new listing! There are two new Portland punchboard meters, and two Turner beers, a 9 cent and the previously unknown 64 cent. Thanks to the scanner who wishes to remain anonymous! Portsmouth, VA has gained six new listings and scans. Stay tuned - I have LOTS of items to update!! CA and PA will have hundreds of additions!

1 May: Added new scan of Dublin, GA 5 cent beer. Updated links on state map page. Added 4 new scans to VA. Added new scan of previously unlisted New Orleans, LA W-17A, 1 Gallon wine pair, 1 with a missing overprint.

30 Apr: Added 4 new WY scans, to include a new Rawlins scotchcal previously unlisted. Fixed the broken link on the WY catalog page.

25 Apr: Added probably a total of 30 PA deed stamps, to include a few unlisted in Applegate's catalog! Added 2 Jackson County, MO scans.

23 Apr: Fixed the MD catalog link problems dating back a year or so. Corrected the 5 cent Baltimore cig tax (was listed as "6 cent??"). Added listing and scan for Garrett County beer stamp. Added many scans for PA deed stamps. Watch this area - PA will be adding many, many scans soon!

18 Apr: Working the CA catalog: Updated the complete set of 17 Modoc County deed stamps. Added scan of Placer County 55 cent. Yolo County 55 cent. 12 new scans for Sacramento County - now only missing the $22 issue (not yet reported). 10 new scans for San Bernardino County. San Joaquin County 55 cent. 2 new counties discovered!!!! San Mateo (5 scans) and Santa Cruz (1 scan).

14 Apr: Updated CA with a total of 13 new scans for Kings and Mono Counties. Still have many more CA County stamps to load, to include at least one complete (!) county (Modoc), and a total of 72 more CA County scans ready to include in the catalog.

12 Apr: Updated GA with new East Dublin, Hawkinsville, Marietta, and Floyd County scans.

11 Apr: I am back from Italy. Added listing and scan for Edgerton, WY cig to the catalog. This program is a pain to add simple things - hope I learn these shortcuts soon! Added listing and scan for new Memphis, TN cig meter. Added scan for a Wilken County, MN deed label. Added seven CO scans: a new Alamosa without a frame, Aspen, Eagle, Las Animas, Naturita, a new Pueblo, and Romeo. NEW STATE!!!! Arizona now has a catalog; 2 new Phoenix cig stamps are now listed!

3 Apr 04: The first update in a while - Virginia!!!! I now have a new HTML editor, and I have successfully fixed the broken links which have plagued the VA catalog for almost a year. VA was the catalog I initially discovered the problem on, so it is only appropriate I fix it first. Look to see the new catalog updates starting in a week or so, as I am off to Italy for a week of work ;-) (on Uncle Sugar's dime of course!). There are the160+ scans sitting in my salvaged hard drive awaiting their spot in the catalog - I will start the updates upon my return!!! Warning - it will be slow, as I have to teach myself this new program. Way too powerful for what I need, and very cumbersome for the basic actions I need, but the catalog will be updated again!

1 Apr 04: No joke this one!! Lost another motherboard earlier this week - complete meltdown. Had no choice but to buy a new computer. Thankfully, the hard drive doesn't seem to be affected, as I have 160+ scans ready to be added to the catalog. One scanner, two motherboards, two power supplies, and one videocard all worn out in the past 17 months....

14 Mar 04:  Furniture ship arrived – bedroom set smashed to pieces, BBQ damaged, 2 book cases destroyed, baker’s rack cracked, dining room chair has one leg left….  Ah, the joys of military life!!!!  Enough of that – I have been attempting to update the site, still with no luck on the thumbnails.  As of today, I have 160+ new stamp scans ready to add to the catalog as soon as I am able to overcome this obstacle.  (I am probably going to have to switch to a dedicated HTML editor; which means learning another whole new way of doing stuff).

2 Feb 04:  Yes, yes, yes – I know it has been a looonnggg time since I have done an update!  I started by having problems with Word.  I upgraded, and it wouldn’t let me continue formatting the pages the way I used too.  As you may notice, the new thumbnails refuse to work, and the new links don’t either.  Word has decided to rename all my imbedded files, regardless of the file name I assign, and even started creating sub folders, nullifying my hyperlinks.  As of now, nobody has been able to figure out why, to include some pretty smart IT folks.  To compound matters, I have been transferred by the USAF to Turkey.  This odyssey started in November 2003, and I have just plugged in my computer (220 volt, 50 cycle no less…) today.  Of course, I don’t have any 110 volt outlets available for my printer or scanner, and I don’t have a way to hook up to the phone for my modem, but at least I have started again.  I have many emails from Barry Porter, Mack Matesen, Scott Troutman, Harold Effner and several others with info that needs adding, so I will concentrate on that.  Hopefully, my household goods shipment will arrive from Texas sometime this month so I can get my reference material back!  Stay tuned for many updates in the near future!

20 Jun:  Just received a huge pile of updates from Barry Porter.  Started updating VA.  Barry has sent me AL, PA, and VA updates, to the tune of like 100ish emails, each a different city!  Suffice it to say the VA catalog is expanding greatly with many new items being listed!  Thanks Barry!!!!

8 Jun:  Found a Bristol, VA cigarette fusion lurking in my collection – somehow missed getting scanned in the original catalog.

7 Jun:  Mack Matesen sent a fantastic scan of the 12 cent Baltimore tobacco strip stamps.  Thanks to him, we not only now know they are orange, we have 2 error stamps, as they are missing their serial numbers!

27 May: For those of you that don't know, Mack Matesen is breaking up the business stock of the late E.S.A. "Bert" Hubbard. The vast majority of new finds that Mack has been sending me are from this holding. If you are interested in state revenues I'd recommend you contact him. E-mail:

Peter Martin provided a copy of a 1968 letter from the Baltimore Department of Finance to a Dr. John Kaiser. The letter describes the denominations of the Baltimore tobacco decals. End result - 3 previously unknown denoms in this series: 2 cent, 12 cent, & 25 cent. Please search your collections for copies. I need scans, colors, etc!

25 May: Added the rest of the Baltimore Recordation tax stamps. There are now 8 known, ranging from 55 cents to $110. My guess is these are "deed" stamps taxed at the rate of 55 cents per $100 valuation. See the California County deed stamps for the same tax rate. Thanks again to Mack for these scans!

24 May: Added $1 Baltimore tobacco meter - thanks to Harold Effner for the scan! Added $2.20 recordation tax (documentary?) scan. I had known about this and the $1.10 denom, but never seemed to get it uploaded. Thanks to Mack Matesen for the scan and info that there are at least 10 different values in this set! Hope to have them all shown soon! Mack also provided scans of 10 Missouri items.

20 May: Added 6 more MO, and 4 very nice St. Petersburg, FL items. Again - my thanks to Mack Matesen for the scans!

19 May: Maryland finally grew too big, and had to be split into two files. Added 22 new Baltimore and Baltimore County scans. Several unlisted meters - check them out! My thanks to Mack Matesen!!!

11 May: Uploaded 6 CO stamps. Thanks to Ken Pruess for the scans!!!

3 Apr: Uploaded another Virginia Beach, VA cig fusion.

2 Apr: Uploaded 11 Lincoln, NE vending stamps. Many thanks to Mike Florer!

1 Apr: Could never get into doing the joke thing, so I will spare you all the complete set of 25 MNH Miami, Florida egg stamps I just found….. I did upload 3 Chicago and one Cook County, IL stamps though! Uploaded 4 GA scans. Uploaded 4 more Imperial County CA doc stamps.

31 Mar: Yet more CA updates! 13 more scans for Tulare County. 14 scans for Trinity County. 1 scan for Tuolumne County. 1 scan for Sierra County. 2 scans for Sonoma County. 1 scan for Stanislaus County. 14 scans for Tehama County. Many thanks again to Mack Matesen for these scans!

30 Mar: CA update continues! 9 more scans for El Dorado County. 1 more for Butte County. 13 for Mariposa County. 14 for Sutter County. Had to split the CA pages again - getting too big. The "A - R" page will split next, it is borderline so I might as well get it over with…. Again, all the scan credit goes to Mack Matesen! I still have more scans to go, but I got my butt kicked replacing hoses and a water pump on my 90 Mustang GT this afternoon! They will wait for tomorrow….

29 Mar: Been a huge night for CA County Documentary stamps!!!! 7 new counties have been discovered! Added Santa Barbara County as the newest CA county known to have documentary stamps. A complete set of the 17 stamps is now shown in the CA catalog. Completed scans of all 17 Shasta County documentaries as well. 5 other counties are also now known: Mendocino, Sierra, Solano, Sonoma, & Stanilaus. Additionally, we now have the first scan of a Mono County stamp, which was mentioned in an article, but I had been unable to find a single example. There are now a total of 32 counties known to have these documentaries. With 17 denominations known, there are now 544 different stamps to collect for a complete set! I have uploaded 63 new scans to the CA catalog tonight alone, with many more to come!!! Thanks to Mack Matesen for these great scans!!

22 Mar: Added 4 new Baltimore, MD scans, including the first tobacco meter reported. Added 22 GA scans. Added Jeffersonville, IN 70 cent imperf pair. Added 3 MO scans. Added Buffalo, NY court stamp and article about their use. Added new Chicago cig fusion - thanks to Scott Troutman. 1 CA County Doc. Two Lincoln NE vending? stamps.

16 Mar: Upgraded 7 CO scans - thanks to Ken Pruess.

15 Mar: Fixed some link problems with the Missouri pages. Added 2 St. Louis and 1 Wayne County secured debt stamps. 7 scans of CA County Documentaries.

14 Mar: Added 4 very nice Baltimore County, MD Cigar scans.

11 Mar: Added a new 30 cent Norfolk, VA cig fusion. Thanks to Roger Forsyth for the scan.

9 Mar: Added SRS Application link to first page of the website. Added 9 new PA deed stamp scans.

8 Mar: Thanks to Ken Pruess, who pointed out the Jeffersonville stamps in the unknown section were already listed in the Indiana section of my own catalog. DUH! They have been moved to the new IN catalog!

23 Feb: Check out the new "UNKNOWN" page. Started out with an amazing partial set from JEFFERSONVILLE. Can you help?

4 Feb: Uploaded 6 Brunswick, GA scans, and 10 more MO items.

1 Feb: Uploaded 6 Miami, FL tobacco stamps. Nice Atlantic City, NJ Cig (?). 5 new FL scans. 9 new CO scans.

31 Jan: Uploaded 6 more CA County Deed stamps - thanks again to Ed Lovegren! Uploaded Floyd County, GA Beer scan - Thanks to Mack Matesen.

30 Jan: Uploaded a great piece of history! Postcard from somebody who remembers seeing a Seattle WA Punchboard meter, and draws picture on a postcard. Many thanks to the Anon owner!

29 Jan: Uploaded another OR scan, the last Multnomah (RT5) to complete the set - thanks to Ed Lovegren!

26 Jan: My Raiders were smashed on the field - so I might as well do some long overdue updates! 1 new Santa Fe Cig fusion. 9 new GA scans, including several unreported stamps (see Cobb County for 2 new signatures on beer stamps). Great scan of Fairmont, WV 1 cent Punchboard meter! Thanks to Mack Matesen for the scans!

1 Jan 03: Uploaded 8 new MO scans. Added 13 new CA deed stamps

27 Dec: Uploaded 10 new VA locals - Thanks to Roger Forsyth for the scans!! Uploaded more PA Deed info.

24 Dec: As you have probably seen by now, I finally figured out how to link the catalogs using a map of the US. This will improve as I am able to teach myself how to get the color to change as your mouse passes over the individual states. My thanks to Randy Payne who helped me with the HTML work, and kept me pointed in the right direction! If you are interested in receiving update notices, email me and I will add you to the list! Thanks to Jim McKellips for the 15 cent Lynchburg VA fusion! Thanks to Roger Forsyth for the improved scan of the Pulaski, VA 1 cent cigar. Thanks to Jim McKellips for his help troubleshooting the new map feature! Completed uploading original PA Deed book, now moving on to the many updates!

16 Dec: Added 5 great new ID scans, including 2 very scarce Pocatello and 1 Genesee punchboard stamps! Thanks to the quiet owner of these gems! Uploaded a Santa Fe, NM cig fusion - only need 4 more scans to complete the known NM stamps! Added 2 Memphis, TN scans.

13 Dec: Added several more pages of PA deed stamps. I am one page from completing the original book. Then I get to start the pages of updates!

9 Dec: Uploaded six new GA scans, and 12 new PA deed stamp scans. Thanks to Harold Effner for his help!

7 Dec: The PA catalog has grown to huge proportions - I have just passed 150 pages, and am only halfway through the book! As a result, I have had to split the catalog again! There are now 6 separate files for the deed stamps, broken down alphabetically. Methinks at least two of the files will be split yet again before this is over, and BEFORE you even start to send in scans of the deed stamps themselves!

1 Dec: The updates continue - I am up to page 55. I need your scans!

30 Nov: I now have the first 36 pages of Applegate's PA deed catalog typed in…about 100 more pages to go……….please look to see if you can provide any 600 DPI scans of items missing a scan!

29 Nov: Uploaded Lynchburg, VA 15 cent cig. Thanks to Jim McKellips for the scan! Uploaded Ten Sleep, WY 2 cent tobacco stamp I found laying around. Started the daunting task of the PA deed stamps!!! I am about 1/5th of the way through Applegate's catalog and have had to split the catalog four times already! I will really need your help with this catalog, as I have already scanned all my stamps in, and they are a mere drop in the bucket. YOU will make this catalog work!

28 Nov: GA is done - Uploaded 112 new scans! Please check your collections and let me know what I missed! I will probably be moving on to PA deed stamps next.

17 Nov: Split Georgia cities into two files, A - L, and M - Z. Uploaded 22 more scans.

16 Nov: Uploaded several FL deed meters and vending stamps. Thanks to both Ken Pruess and Scott Troutman for the scans, and sorry for the delay in getting these posted guys! Thanks to Mack Matesen for the Haverford, PA $50 deed stamp scan. Uploaded a new state with a Lincoln, NE vending stamp! Nebraska is state number 27 to have a catalog here now! Added 2 more CO scans. Added 10 more GA scans - working on completing the GA catalog!

3 Nov: Uploaded the New Orleans update I appear to have forgotten about (it was done a month ago…). Thanks to Ken Pruess for keeping me straight! 23 more Ken Pruess updates to MO.

2 Nov: Returned from 3 weeks in England - what a great vacation!!!! Added additional 73 MO scans. Thanks again must go to Ken Pruess, who has thankfully shared his collections with us!! MO made it to 62 pages long, so I have had to split it into A - K, L - Z, and Counties. Much easier to work with now!

7 Oct: Added 58 more GA scans. The GA County page is complete as I can make it from my collection!!! I have finally made it through my GA counties, and now I invite you to take a look and send me 600 DPI scans of whatever you have that isn't shown. Please let me know if there are any items you know of that are not in the catalog. Next, I will work the cities, but that will certainly take a while!

6 Oct: Added seven more PA deed stamps and scans. Added 58 more GA scans. Split GA into "City" and "County" catalogs. The combined catalog was up to 66 pages long, and was way too big to download as a single document! Hopefully this will be a bit easier to use!

5 Oct: Added 10 more PA deed stamps: thanks to John Bowman for the scans!

4 Oct: Added 72 more GA scans!!! Added a scan of the Tacoma, WA 75 cent beer stamp (Thanks to Mack Matesen for this rare puppy!). Now need only 7 scans to complete WA state!!!

3 Oct: Added 44 more GA scans.

2 Oct: Added three new VA scans. Added four new MO scans. Added 41 new PA scans!! First 16 GA scans added.

1 Oct: Added eight new VA scans (Thanks to Mike Florer!). Added seven more VA from my collection. Added eight new MO stamps and scans. Found them in the "TODO" box while looking for Colorado beers for Frank Bocavich's census project. He is looking for high and low serial numbers for the Colorado State beer stamps - can you help him??

28 Sep: Listings for GA is for the most part done; hundreds of new stamps listed - 52 pages long!!! I got my new scanner installed today, so I guess I can't put it off much longer. I have a few Philadelphia stamps to add scans of - I will probably start with those first before tackling GA…..

27 Sep: Added seven new GA items and scans. Adding new listings - scans hopefully will catch up with the listings next week.

26 Sep: Added PA and GA listings - scans to follow soon!

24 Sep: Fixed some major thumbnail problems with PA. The subminiature thumbnails are gone, and the proper ones are now working. If you visited PA before, take a look again! GA is about to get a major overhaul. Well over 100 scans and scads of new listings - stay tuned!!!

22 Sep: Added 45 new scans to MO. Thanks yet again to Ken Pruess for the scans and new cities to add to the catalog! Added a scan of a 1949 Pocatello, ID vending stamp. Added four scans of North Bend, OR beers, and corrected a few errors. Thanks to Mack Matesen for scans and corrections!

15 Sep: Added two new North Bend items to OR. (Thanks to Mack Matesen for yet more OR, GA, WA, MD, & PA scans!) Added seven new GA scans. Added 10 new GA issues (scans to come later). Upgraded two Seattle beer scans from B&W to color. Added Montgomery County, MD beer stamp. Added nine new PA items with scans.

13 Sep: Updated VA - added 6 new scans. Please look through your collections and help fill in the holes! Have added 25 new scans to LA, but am having HTML problems with the thumbnails again. Very irritating! OR did the same thing the other day - then mysteriously started working correctly. Perhaps it is down to Friday the 13th! With luck, this weekend will find it working again!

12 Sep: Updated MO with some new items. Thanks to John Bowman for some outstanding St. Louis Secured Debt stamps and plugging a few county holes! Added Casper, WY 1 1/2 cent cig tax stamp - nice carton end with 10 copies!! Thanks to Michael Florer for the scan. Added a scan of WA (Matesen Cat #) Toppenish B-4. Mack has it as a beer, but it a Wine stamp. I can't argue with Mack over the wording of the laws, as he has done extensive research, but for simplicity's sake, I am moving these two issues over to the wine section. We are now down to 9 scans needed to complete the known portion of the WA catalog!

11 Sep: I am back! I was deployed to a "forward operating location" for 6 months, but am back now (and glad to be so I assure you!). Added new North Carolina and Iowa pages. eBay yielded up a Durham County (NC) Deed meter - are there other counties out there as well? Please check your collections to see! NC is now the 25th State to be listed; Iowa is number 26. Thumbnailed Oregon - added an unlisted 55 cent Salem beer stamp. Michael Florer sent some scans (thanks for the Iowa material!) and info while I was deployed - I will be fixing a WA goof (good catch!) and adding some new items. I have also discovered my scanner has quit after 4 years of abuse, so have to install a new one. Once that is complete, the AL scans and updates can begin!

27 Aug: VICTORY!!!!!!! I have finished the framework for the new Alabama page(s). After a few false starts, I have the catalog itself done!! There are no scans yet of course, but the 1,000+ stamps are individually listed. Because this monster turned out to be huge, I split it into 4 separate files; A – E, F – M, N-W, and Counties. Again, the pictures and thumbnails will be added when I return home to my collection. Please check it out!!! I am more interested in what you have in your collection that isn’t listed, than items you have that don’t have a scan. I have a goodly amount of these in my personal collection – please wait for me to get them scanned before deluging me with AL scans!!! I know for a fact there are stamps not listed. Off the top of my head I probably have five – ten Phenix City stamps not listed, and Scott had several reports of updated info I don’t have access to right now.

21 Aug: AL is a work in progress! Please have patience with me, as I am typing this in at night on an old computer in a tent in the middle of an Omani Desert! The newest page will be uploaded every other day or so. First goal is to get the info in. I will do scans and thumbnails once I return to the states (and my stamps!). I am up to the "D"s already, and it is going faster than I thought it would. Remember, Alabama has over 1,000 local tax stamps!!!

18 Aug: Started the Alabama catalog. Thanks to Scott Troutman for sending me the info from the State Revenue News, Special Issue 2001 so I can get started on this! (Not sure I will be still thanking him before it’s over, however…)

3 Aug: CA issues now have catalog numbers. Take a look and let me know what you think!! I am not convinced it is the final solution, as "CA-SIS-D16" doesn’t exactly roll off one’s tongue… Fixed a few admin problems with the CA page. Added the three Los Angeles Realty Transfer stamps. Added two Baltimore, MD recordation tax stamps.

2 Aug: Told you so! (It has been a while!) I received a great email today with further CA updates. Yolo ($4.40, $22, & $550) and Yuba ($4.40 & $22) are our two newest CA counties. Additionally, we have added 34 other stamps to the known column. Looks like we now have 261 of 425 possible stamps known in collections (25 known counties multiplied by 17 denominations).

13 Mar 02: I have deployed in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Will be a while before I can do any further updates!

10 Mar 02: More CA county doc info is coming in! Another collector has added 10 new stamps; including the first known stamps from Modoc county (8 stamps). This now means Calaveras and Mono are the only counties known to have issued stamps, but which are not reported to be in collector's hands! What have you in your collection? Please help complete the census! 226 of 391 possible stamps are now known in collections (assuming the 23 known counties issued all 17 known denominations). This info is being used to write a forthcoming article in the SRN.

9 Mar 02: Thumbnailed CO (35 pages!). Started correcting catalog to reflect research by Frank Bocovich published as a catalog supplement in the 1st Quarter State Revenue News. Articles like Frank's make the $12 annual SRS dues well worthwhile; thanks Frank!!! Thumbnailed MO (55 pages!).

8 Mar 02: Added 4 more NYC scans. Added 3 new CO scans, upgraded 1 b&w to color; Thanks again to Ken Pruess! Joe Ross has added a new CA county to the list; Tuolumne, with scans of the $1.10 and $5.50, and also the report of a used Kings County $4.40. What a day! Another collector has just emailed me with 2 new CA counties; Placer (3 new denoms) and Siskiyou. The Siskiyou 55 cent is a fantastic provisional - check it out! Additionally, his collection yielded a total of 14 CA doc stamps not previously known! Scans of these others hopefully to follow.

7 Mar 02: Added 2 VA scans. Thumbnailed GA, adding several scans. Thumbnailed MD; added two unlisted Baltimore tobacco decals. Added Lakeland FL vending stamp. Added Cook County, IL Deed meter. Added great scan of Los Angeles, CA 11 cent beer (LA-B5)! Thanks to Joe Ross for the rare LA scan, and some newly id'd CA county doc stamps! Huge overhaul of NYC stamps; 27 new scans added; new unlisted 2 cent!

23 Feb 02: Added 8 scans of FL vending license stamps and 2 deed meter stamps. Thanks again to Ken Pruess for the vending scans. Thumbnailed FL. Thumbnailed CA (all 54 pages of it!!!!). Added scans of 4 VA stamps, including 3 unlisted Pulaski cigar stamps.

18 Feb 02: Added poor scan of Wheeling, WV stamp. Hubbard lists a wine stamp, color and denom unknown. This scan is from an eBay lot, but I can't see enough of the details to make sure it is a 15 cent green wine stamp. Emailed the owner - will update as info is received. Added a bunch of PA deed stamps and specimens (Thanks again to Eric Jackson's site - give it a visit!!) and thumbnailed the entire state - an all day affair I promise!!!

17 Feb 02: Added the last 2 Seattle beer strips I was missing. Added the 7 Bellingham undenominated "proofs"?? Down to only 10 images missing for WA! Thanks to Mack Matesen for digging deep and coming up with scans of some very scarce WA material. Mack conveys he has never released this material because of the uncertainty of what to call them. See them here first!!!!!

15 Feb 02: Added 25 New Orleans, Louisiana Specimen scans. These slightly expand the Hubbard cataloged items, adding a few unlisted sizes. I highly recommend you visit Eric Jackson's site. Use his search feature for "ABN", then scroll down to the fantastic specimens he has for sale. This is probably a once in a lifetime chance to pick up some obscure material for your state revenue collections! If anybody has some spare change, and would like to purchase a set to be donated to yours truly, I will be most appreciative!!!

12 Feb 02: Added 21 Washington scans; adding 12 new WA listings! Added Matesen catalog numbers to WA page. Only need 12 scans to complete WA page!

27 Jan 02: Fixed some HTML problems discovered by my brother. IL thumbnailed. NJ thumbnailed. NM thumbnailed. NY thumbnailed. VA thumbnailed. WA thumbnailed.

26 Jan 02: Added 50 cent Kamiah, ID punch board stamp. Updated format for ID to include thumbnails. Added Fort Benton, MT punch board. Updated info and added thumbnails to Wyoming.

25 Jan 02: Reformatted Montana with NEW THUMBNAIL FORMAT. (OK - YOU WIN! After several emails, this will be the updated format!)

17 Jan 02: Added 26 Oregon scans. Again thanks to Ken Pruess for his contributions! Oregon is starting to really shape up catalog-wise. Starting to discover a few unlisted stamps, and some differences between known items. Will expand when more definitive info is at hand. Now have a program to make thumbnails. Intend to have every stamp thumbnailed in left column. Will replace current method of hyperlinking images. Currently, the denomination is hyperlinked; new method will be clicking on the thumbnail. Have a few bumps to work out (like how to get the thumbnail the size I want). I am creating this site as fast as I learn the software and methods to do it!

13 Jan 02: Added another 22 Colorado scans. Thanks again must go to Ken Pruess! Updated about 5 new CO issues previously unknown to me. I don't know their denominations or colors - just the fact they exist. They will be shown with an "UNK" in the denom and color columns. Received further info and scans on OR issues. Will be working them next! Thanks for the kind words, and most importantly, the stamps and scans you have been sending me!!!

12 Jan 02: Accomplished massive overhaul of Colorado towns - 61 new scans added! Thanks to Ken Pruess, who graciously scanned his Colorado towns exhibit for me!!! Added San Diego County, CA, to known documentary stamps. Added 12 cent Macon, GA beer.

11 Jan 02: Added San Benito, CA $3.30 doc as now known. Have report of new CA county doc stamps known - San Diego! Verified existence of $55 & $110.

5 Jan 02: Added nine Bellingham, WA beer stamps.

24 Dec 01: Added scan of very rare 6 cent NYC poultry stamp.

23 Dec 01: Updated ID, IL, MD, MO, VA. Reformatted state page. Changed all "new!" and "updated" .gifs to "pics". Figured it would be impossible to know what had been updated if every state showed "new". Am mentally preparing myself for one of the 3 monsters I have been avoiding: NY City. (The other two are Alabama and Georgia cities!). Please see State Revenue News, Special Issue 2001 for the newest listing of Alabama city issues. Since Scott Troutman managed to list over 1,000 stamps in the special issue, I am in no hurry to type them into this site!!!